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Future of FalkLand Church

Following our meeting of Feb 18th in Falkland Church, during which we recognised that there will be a time that the Kirk is no longer owned and managed by the Church of Scotland, we have been greatly encouraged  to seek a new role for the Kirk as some form of cultural centre in service of: our community; the many people who visit Falkland; and future generations.

In order to discover that new role, we’d like to design and shape a process to consider how this building might reignite faith in the future - and bring the community together behind a future vision for the Kirk. 

So, we wish to warmly invite you to join us at Falkland Parish Church, on 25th March at 2pm.  I’m glad to say that Jenny Andersson of Really Regenerative has kindly offer to come up and host an initial discussion of how we might co-create and co-design a future inquiry with the whole community about the role of the Kirk in the future. 

This is an open meeting during which we will be having discussions about the role of the Kirk in Falkland – no decisions will be taken and there will be other meetings to follow, some of which will be held in the evening. Should you wish to be informed about further meetings please send your name and email address to

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