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How you can donate and help OUR ChurchES

The donations you make really do help our churches, they are very much appreciated and in turn we are always here to offer our help to you.  If you need any assistance, with anything at all, please do not hesitate to contact your session clerk.


Session Clerk for Falkland:  Marion Baldie Tel:- 07828 506573 Email

Session Clerk for Freuchie: Margaret Cuthbert Tel:- 01337 830940Email

To help you to make your donations in a way that is convenient for you we have arranged three different methods, please see the details below.


However much you are able to donate and whichever channel you choose please be assured your contributions are of great value to the churches.

ways you can donate:


To donate online using your card please click on the link for the appropiate church below.

Thank you!

In Person

Donating at the Sunday services is a very personal way to support our churches.

We always look forward to seeing you at the services and appreciate your attenance.

See you soon.


If its easier and more comfortable for you to donate by mail that's fine too.

Please contact your Session Clerk for details for who to make the cheque payable and the address to send it to

Thank you!


As well as donating to the churches via the above methods you can also help us in other ways.​

Please ask a member of your church team about renting the church hall, organising fund raising events or gifting a financial donation directly to your church.

Another way you can help us is as a volunteer, we know time is a precious commodity but if you can spare some time to help please click on the link below or complete the form below and we'll get in touch and have a chat.

We will always try to match our volunteers' areas of interest wherever possible, we want you to be happy with the type of help you give. 

Volunteering Group
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