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Dear Lord,

Loving God, in this season and all year long, give to us the gift of a thankful heart, so we may acknowledge you as the giver of all that is good in our lives.

We give You thanks for the privilege of communication which we have, for the instant phone calls we can make, for letters and cards sent to us in the post, for  the electronic  means of keeping in touch during this pandemic. 

You call on us to love our neighbours, guide us Lord to them this, today and this week, who need encouragement, need a friendly face to pop round so that they know that someone cares for them.

Help us to be your body, your mouth, your hands and feet for those in need.


Almighty God,
The mysteries of the universe  belong to you.
You transform shepherds into kings, the smallest seeds into magnificent trees, and hardened hearts into loving ones.

Bless us with your life–giving Spirit, re–create us in your image, and shape us to your purposes.
through Jesus Christ.


Dear Father God,

Thank You for Your unfailing love for us, Your blessings, and goodness.

Thank You for Your faithfulness to guide us and see us through times of uncertainty, for lifting us up, and setting us on high.

Thank You for Scripture that comforts and reminds us of Your promises, plan, and provision.

Thank you for taking away our fears and worries, the what-ifs, and reminding us that our help comes from You.

Help us be  good stewards and to sow wisely.

In Christ’s Name,


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