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This church was built in 1850 on the site of two previous buildings (sites 10552, 10553). The first church was erected in 1595 after Falkland received its royal charter. It was replaced in 1620 but the building was said to be in poor condition by the 1840s, necessitating its demolition. The present church was built between 1848 and 1850, and consists of a four bay main cell and a three stage tower. The church is built on rising ground in the centre of the village and faces south onto the High Street.

The three stained glass windows on the north elevation are by A. Ballantine and Gardiner, dated 1897, and depict the Nativity, the Resurrection and the Ascension of Christ.

Mr Oneisiphorus Tyndall Bruce Benefactor1848 barrister. Paid for the building of Falkland Parish Church.

Mr David Bryce Architect 1848-1850 Church of Scotland Denomination



Towards the end of the 19th century, it was felt that a church was necessary. Up until the church was built, the people of Freuchie had to walk to the church in Falkland. The first minister in Freuchie church was Rev Charles Fraser, who remained in the post from 1880 until 1914.

There are beautiful stained glass windows at the front and rear of the church. The windows at the rear of the church are by Ballantine and Gardiner and the theme is "The Transfiguration". The images depicted are Moses and the Tablets on the left, Christ and a Dove in the centre and Man and a Raven to the right. These were generously donated in memory of Thomas Lumsden and his wife Helen Lowson Lumsden.


At the front, there are two lancet stained glass windows which are themed "I am The Good Shepherd", dedicated to Walter Lumsden, and "Suffer the Little Children

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