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What's happening in eden-tay cluster

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Eden Tay Planning Group

Meeting 1

Date: 12th October 2022 7.30pm

Venue: Kettle Church

After a vote, the decision was made to call the Group Eden Tay Planning Group.


There was discussion about the nation of the Ministry within the Cluster. We noted the following -

· Gross income of all churches was £120,000 (including Lindores Parish)

· M and M contributions of all churches £83,600

· that the future Ministries within the Cluster covered by M and M contributions would be 1 x full-time Minister of word and sacrament plus 1 x Mission Development Worker plus 0.25 Chaplain based a Lindores

· When the Presbytery Plan is full-filled all the Churches within the Cluster (Edenshead; Falkland and Freuchie; The Howe of Fife and Lindores) would come together.

· Rev. Bill Hunter (as the only full-time Minister of Word and Sacrament), would be willing to put himself forward to become Minister of the Cluster (a new name for the Parish would be decided at a later date)

· When the current parishes come together under the plan, all the Guardianship arrangements would end.

At the end of the evening, it was agreed that we would aim to have a plan in place by 31st October 2023 at the latest.

Next meeting Monday 28th November 2022, Freuchie Parish Church Hall 7.30


Tickets are available from the Post Office, the Charity Shop, Wavelengths & Newburgh Church

Telephone 07720 327766 as well as our email

All monies raised in aid of Lindores Parish Church


We are pleased to announce that, Edenshead congregation will join our worship in Freuchie Parish Church

On Sunday 25th September.


And a description of the concert: "Local singer-songwriter George Francis will be playing songs from his new album 'Year Of The Dog'. He'll be accompanying his vocals on the piano and guitar in the beautiful atmosphere of Falkland Parish Church. His work is original and diverse - soaring melodies combined with haunting lyrics that touch the deepest parts of the soul. Prepare to be moved by songs of desire, faith, despair, redemption, grief, love, loss, memory and the transformative strangeness of human life

George Francis

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