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Church of Scotland Guild

Annual Gathering 2022

It's hard to believe that the Annual Gathering has come and gone and we are now beginning planning for 2023!

It was so encouraging to have so many people come together in person and to have as many people join us online as well. The day was filled with love, laughter and encouragement. The Moderator, the Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields, reminded us of the importance of the Guild and encouraged us to remember that God used Abraham, Moses and Elizabeth in their later years and that age should be no barrier to us being used by God through the Guild.

We enjoyed linking up with the Guild in Ardoch and sharing in fellowship with them. Our guest speaker, Rev David Clark, took us on a journey through Scotland through his own journey of faith but also encouraged us to think anew about the Psalms and how we could reimagine them through the landscape of Scotland.

We were also entertained and challenged by the Clydeside Singers, particularly with their song 'It's Still Me Inside', which reflected someone's personal journey with dementia. The day concluded with the installation of Helen Eckford as our new National Convener for 22-23 and we wish Helen the richest of blessings as she carries out this important task on behalf of the Guild.

We know that a good number of folk couldn't join us either because of the change of date, the train strike or simple geography, so we are producing a recording of the day that can be purchased as a DVD or on a USB stick. It is a great Guild meeting basis to use in itself and you can order using the link below.

Ardoch online

One of the real bonuses of modern technology is the opportunity for those unable to come in person to join us at the Annual Gathering. We loved being able to link up with the Ardoch Guild who meet in Braco. They hosted with their own Guild and with folks from Guilds nearby. By all accounts, they had a great day of fun, fellowship and food.

Broughty Ferry Guild

The historic first meeting of the new Broughty Ferry Guild, incorporating Broughty Ferry New Kirk, St Luke’s and Queen Street and St James Guild, was held in the hall of St Luke’s and Queen Street Church on Tuesday 27 September. It was great to see folk queueing to get into the Guild. In total, 36 members and friends were in attendance, and everyone is looking forward to a great first year together as a united Guild.

Sunflowers blooming in Balerno

The seeds given out to Guild members at the Big Sing to show support and solidarity with Ukraine have been blooming across Scotland. It was lovely to see these healthy, cheery flowers that were on display in Balerno.

Christmas Big Sing

We are so excited to be able to have an in-person Christmas Big Sing this year and hope that we have a full house to join in our celebrations: Friday 2 December at 3pm (doors open at 2:30pm) Dalziel St Andrew's Church, Motherwell Please do encourage your members to come along to what promises to be a great afternoon. You can reserve your tickets using the link below.

Guild scarf goes global

These are the gifts that the World Day of Prayer Scotland committee sent to 200 delegates from the virtual international conference which was hosted by the Scottish committee. We were delighted that the pack included a Guild scarf, which we hear has been very well received by delegates all over the world. The Guild is an integral part of the World Day of Prayer here in Scotland and it is great to see the delegates being encouraged to show off that connection.

Fundraising ideas

The members at St. Ninian's Craigmailen in Linlithgow have been making their own little pots at the start of the session. These little pots will help members remember that the money that they collect over the year will help to plant seeds that, when nurtured, will multiply and grow over the months and years ahead. Maybe it is something that you could use in your own Guild this session?

Dull and Weem Guild is 50

Congratulations to our friends at Dull and Weem Guild who have celebrated their 50th anniversary. The Guild held a special event to celebrate including planting a tree and having a special Guild cake made. The cake was cut by one of their founder members, Mrs Pam McDiarmid. Pam is now their treasurer. Huge congratulations to you all.

Monthly memory

Our memory takes us back to the 2008 Annual Gathering and the Guild shop. It is great to see some familiar faces!

Prayers for November

9 Nov: for our Guilds Together Resource Coordinators as they meet to share and prepare for local Resource Days in 2023.

10 Nov: for members of the Guild National Council who are meeting together in person for the first time. Asking God to richly bless them in their deliberations.

11 Nov: for Morag Duncan as she takes on her role as National Vice Convener and supporting Guilds in the North of Scotland.

12 Nov: giving thanks for the wee seeds planted by the Guild over the past 135 years and giving thanks for the work of our project partners.

13 Nov: remembering particularly the Guilds in Guilds Together groups in Glasgow.

14 Nov: thinking especially of the seeds being planted by our current project partners who are making a difference in the lives of people here in Scotland and across the globe.

15 Nov: giving thanks for our brothers and sisters in Malawi and asking that God will protect them as they try to contain a recent cholera outbreak.

16 Nov: remembering those who have been planting seeds, bulbs and trees to celebrate our theme 'wee seeds, big trees'.

17 Nov: giving thanks for the Guild in Westburn Guild in Greenock which is celebrating its 130th anniversary.

18 Nov: particularly for Flora Buthlay who, as a National Vice Convener, supports Guilds in the East of Scotland.

19 Nov: remembering all who have served the Guild faithfully as a past National Leader or General Secretary.

20 Nov: for Rae Lind, as she takes on her role as National Vice Convener and supporting Guilds in the South of Scotland.

21 Nov: for General Secretary Karen Gillon as she speaks at the Guilds in Penicuik, Cockpen and Carrington and Burntisland.

22 Nov: giving thanks for Guilds in the new Moray Firth Guilds Together area.

23 Nov: thinking particularly of all who serve in elected office at the local council, Scottish Parliament or United Kingdom Parliament, asking that they will serve with justice, wisdom, compassion and integrity.

24 Nov: for Christina Paterson as she takes on her role as National Vice Convener and supporting Guilds in the West of Scotland.

25 Nov: on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women we remember all women who are victims of violence and all who work to support them and bring an end to violence against women in all forms.

26 Nov: for Guilds Together groups in the Forth Valley and Clydesdale area who are working together in a new way.

27 Nov: giving thanks for new members who have joined the Guild this year, asking that God will richly bless them as part of the Guild family.

28 Nov: particularly for Guilds in the Edinburgh and West Lothian areas as they look to see how they can work more closely together.

29 Nov: giving thanks for the Guild staff, Mandy, Chris, Joanne and Dorothy, who along with Karen work to support the Guild in so many different ways.

30 Nov: especially for Guild members who are now housebound or in nursing homes. Asking that God will richly bless them.

1 Dec: on World Aids Day, we pray particularly for all who are affected by HIV/Aids. Praying that God will help to bring an end to the epidemic and end the stigma people living with HIV face.

2 Dec: thinking particularly of all who are joining together for the Big Sing at Christmas today.

3 Dec: giving thanks for Guilds in the new Moray Guilds Together area bringing together Guilds in Moray East and Moray West.

4 Dec: remembering ministers who are retiring and for whom this will be their last year in full-time ministry.

Church of Scotland Guild


The King and the Queen

On 6 February 1952, a very young Princess Elizabeth was in Kenya with her husband Prince Philip, when she was told of the death of her father, King George VI. Elizabeth returned home to a nation in mourning.

The young princess, aged 25 and a mother of two young children was thrust into a public role as Queen Elizabeth whose duty was to serve the people of Britain and the Commonwealth.

As we celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, I thought about how her life as Queen compared to the life of Jesus, our King. At her coronation, the Queen went to Westminster Abbey in a beautiful coach. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a humble donkey.

The Queen was dressed in beautiful robes. Jesus was dressed in purple robes, not because he was King of Kings but because the Roman soldiers were mocking him.

The Queen travelled to Westminster Abbey through streets full of cheering people waving flags. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the crowds lining the streets cheered and waved palm branches, a symbol of victory, and shouted: “Hosanna. Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.”

Both were crowned: the Queen with the St Edward’s crown of solid gold and Jesus with a crown of thorns, pushed onto his head to mock him. She returned with her husband to Buckingham Palace, He walked to His death.

On her 21st birthday in 1947, Princess Elizabeth made her first ever broadcast. She said, “I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be short or long, shall be devoted to your service. God help me to make good my vow, and God bless all of you who are willing to share it.”

For me, the life of Christ, Prince of Peace, is an inspiration and an anchor in my life, a role model for reconciliation and forgiveness. He stretched out His hands in love, acceptance, and healing. Christ has taught me to respect and value all people, whatever their faith or lack of faith.

Sunday 5 June was a double celebration this year; the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and Pentecost. The Queen has served for a long time, but her reign will end. After the resurrection, Jesus said, “I will be with you always.” Jesus will be King forever and for that, we give God thanks and praise.

Andrea Houston, National Vice Convener

National Convener Elect 2022-23

At their meeting in June, the National Council unanimously elected Helen Eckford of Inverclyde Guilds Together as the National Convener Elect for 2022-23.

Helen is a member of New Parish Church in Port Glasgow where she is a worship leader. Since retiring as a teacher of French and German she has enjoyed having more time for church activities, especially the Guild, and learning more about what happens locally, regionally, and nationally. She has also had the opportunity to represent the Guild as a corresponding member of Presbytery.

Speaking after her election, Helen said: "To be elected to serve as National Convener of the Guild is a huge privilege and I welcome the opportunity to repay what the Guild has given me. I am looking forward to meeting Guild members over the course of my year of office."

Helen is very keen to visit as many Guilds and Guilds Together Groups as possible. If you would like Helen to visit your group over the coming year please get in touch with some

possible dates.

Book a visit from the National Convener

Joanne Brown, East of Scotland Regional Support worker

We are delighted that Joanne has joined us to support Guilds in the East of Scotland. Joanne will be contacting Guilds Together Groups in the weeks ahead to look at how best she can support their work.

Joanne will also look after our communications such as the newsletter, Facebook and website. She will also help us find great new merchandise.

We hope that you will give Joanne a warm welcome to our team.

Christine Fulcher, West of Scotland Regional Support worker

We are delighted that Christine has joined us to support Guilds in the West of Scotland. Christine will be contacting Guilds Together Groups in the weeks ahead to look at how best she can support their work.

Christine will also look after our resources such as the theme guide, a new support guide for those leading worship, and our revamped dedication service.

We hope that you will give Christine a warm welcome to our team.

Cults Guild on the road

It was good to see what the 36 members of Cults Parish Church Guild were up to on their summer outing. They visited Peterculter Heritage Hall where they had a talk from the Heritage stitchers on the Culter tapestry. This was followed by a splendid afternoon tea. It certainly looks like you had a great time.

Sunflower Greetings Cards

This beautiful painting of a sunflower was drawn by Jan Winch of Wormit Guild. It has been made into a greeting card by our newest Guild, Wormit's neighbour at Newport on Tay. The proceeds from the card sales are being used to support the work of the community in Zolotarevo in Ukraine, twinned with Newport on Tay, to support refugees fleeing the war. Cards are being printed and if you would like to order some please use the button below.

Order cards

Meet Rae Lind

It's great to be able to introduce Rae Lind from Irvine and Kilmarnock Guilds Together who is our new National Vice Convener looking after Guilds in the South of Scotland. We hope that you will pray for Rae and support her as she takes on this role.

Pray this month

Week of 11th July: We give thanks and pray for all our Project Partners as they strive to improve and enrich many lives with their dedication and commitment.

Matthew 25:40“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Week of 18th July: We remember all those in the Church nationally and locally who have the task of planning the way forward for the church. Lord, guide them in the decisions they make, decisions which will not be easy.

1 Corinthians 12:27: 'Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.'

Week of 25th July: Eternal God, look on our brothers and sisters in Guilds across the world, thanking you that the voice of prayer is never silent nor dies the strain of praise away. Unite us as one in your service, so that our common bond may be found in Christ Jesus whose Throne shall never pass away and whose Kingdom stands and grows forever.

Mark 3:35 'Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.'

Week of 1st August: We pray for those who live in countries suffering from earthquakes, floods, landslides and drought. Those living in war zones and conflict. Those worshipping who are in danger of arrest. The agencies and individuals giving aid where they can. We pray for help and resolution.

Psalm 115:16 'The heavens are the heavens of the Lord, but the earth He has given to the sons of men.'

Week of 8th August: Dear Lord, as our children and young people enjoy their summer holidays, keep them safe from harm. Refresh their minds ready for their return to nursery, school, college or university. We remember particularly all who will receive exam results this week. Whatever they are, Lord, help them remember that you have a plan for each of them.

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Week of 15th August: We remember churches throughout the world. We give thanks for the freedom we enjoy to worship and pray for those who have obstacles placed in the way of sharing their faith.

Ephesians 2:19 'Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and strangers, but fellow citizens with God’s people and also members of his household'

Week of 22nd August: Heavenly Father, we pray for our National Guild in Scotland. May our plans be built on Christ; our sure foundation bringing calm to anxious hearts at this time of transition and change. Give us Your strength of purpose, raising us to glorify Your name and to be thankful for the ways in which You guide us.

Esther 4:14: 'Who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this.'

Week of 29th August: We pray for the new Presbyteries. We ask that Presbyters will seek your guidance as they find a new way to work together, to give us a powerful church for generations to come.

Ecclesiastes 4:9 'Two are better than one

Portpatrick Guild Calendar

Our friends at Portpatrick Guild have again been able to produce this lovely calendar that showcases the gorgeous part of Scotland they live in and raises funds for the Guild at the same time.

You are now able to order your copy of this year's calendar using the link below. They are just £6 plus £2 postage and packaging. It would make a lovely gift for someone who enjoys lovely landscapes.

Hymn for the month

As we get ready for a summer break, we thought you would like to use this hymn, Great is thy faithfulness, to encourage you over the coming weeks.

Listen now

We're off on our holidaysThe enews is taking a break over the summer but we will be back on Monday 5 September ahead of the Annual Gathering on 10 September. See you then!

Guild News - June 2022

Let your light shine

Guilds throughout the country have certainly let their light shine over the past few weeks as they have come together for Regional Gatherings in Springburn, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock, Dundee, Castle Douglas and the last one for this session in Inverurie.

How encouraging it has been to share in all of these Gatherings and meet with people in their own areas. Each one will hold a special memory for me and, as I look back in the days ahead, I’m sure these memories will bring a smile and remind me of all the Guild folks throughout the country.

Yes, these Gatherings have been a great time of Guild fellowship but I must say the highlight of last month has to have been my week in Edinburgh at the General Assembly.

The invitation to Holyrood, the Moderator’s reception, and the Big Sing at the Assembly, gave Guilds the opportunity to ‘shine their light’ as they told their lockdown stories and, although fewer in number than normal, the singing was still a time of great celebration.

Then, of course, we had the presentation of the Guild report to the Assembly. Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement. The report was well received with lots of thoughtful and encouraging comments.

For those Guilds who are taking a break for the summer, I thank you for letting your light shine in the past few months, and for summer Guilds I pray that you may let your light shine in the months ahead as you share fellowship with each other.

No matter when or where our Guilds come together it is so encouraging to know that all we do is for the wider work of the Guild at home and abroad.

Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven” - Matthew 5:16

Have a great summer everyone.

Blessings to you all,

Margaret Muir

National Convener

Bathgate High Guild's 130th birthday

Bathgate High Guild was formed in May 1891 with 97 members. Last year would have been their 130th birthday but because of Covid-19 regulations, they could not celebrate it.

So here they are, one year later, at their AGM with afternoon tea to end this session.

Although numbers are depleted, a good time was had by all and they hope to see their numbers increase in the years to come as they continue to 'Look Forward in Faith'.

Tartan takes flight

The Guild at Cupar Old was delighted to welcome visitors from America at a recent church service: Anne and Ray Schneider from Jefferson City, Missouri.

Anne is a former convener of Presbyterian Women of the Missouri Union Presbytery. She also served as Moderator of the Missouri Union Presbytery. She and her husband were doing a tour of Scotland and were in Cupar because Anne's ancestors emigrated from here in the 1800s.

Pictured are Cupar Old Committee (Jean, Eileen, Mary and Hilary) and Jeff, their minister, along with Anne and Ray who were presented with a Guild tartan scarf and tie.

Life and Work General Assembly supplement

The magazine of the Church of Scotland has produced a free four-page summary of the key decisions and speeches from the 2022 General Assembly.

Inside the supplement, you will find a reader offer from Saint Andrew Press with 20% off selected books, stationery and resources until 30 June – order here using the promotion code 'General Assembly'

Download the supplement

Regional Gatherings

We were delighted at the response to our recent series of Regional Gatherings in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kilmarnock, Castle Douglas, Dundee and Inverurie. In Dundee, we had a full house of folks from Guilds in Fife, Perth and Kinross, Dundee, Dunkeld and Miegle and Angus who enjoyed an inspiring talk from former Moderator, Very Rev Dr Martin Fair.

All in all, over 500 Guild members were able to join together and we hope that a similar event might take place next year.

If you think your area has good transport links and a venue that can host about 100 people, please let us know and we will add your suggestion to our list of possible venues.

Email your possible regional venue

The Guild at the General Assembly

The Guild enjoyed a very fruitful week at the General Assembly. It was a week full of useful conversations, encouraging comments and enthusiasm for the role of the Guild in the Church both locally and nationally.

We had a fabulous Big Sing with almost 750 people joining us either in person or on Facebook. We heard from Guilds who had been 'letting their light shine'. Very Rev Dr Susan Brown led our reflection sharing about her recent visit to Ukraine which was amazing to hear.

Our National Convener, Margaret Muir, presented the report to the General Assembly and we were heartened by the positive response and the range of questions and comments our report generated. The week ended with us ready to speak to three local congregations about their desire to start new Guilds.

All in all, it was a very good week.

Platinum Jubilee Guild celebrations

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos from Platinum Jubilee events held across the country.

Long service at Sauchie & Coalsnaughton

Sauchie & Coalsnaughton Guild celebrated the long service of two of their members, Marion Young Thomson and Cynthia Aide (octogenarian and nonagenarian respectively), who have loyally served their Guild through many a long winter Monday night, in all weathers and various mishaps, extreme weather conditions, poor heating, no speakers and of course Covid!

Huge congratulations, ladies.

Monday memories

For this month's memory, we look back to the Ayrshire Gathering where a few of the participants were up doing the 'slosh' to the ukulele band. Seems like everyone had fun.

Pray this month

Monday 13: giving thanks for Guilds in the Glasgow area and asking God to richly bless them and help them to find ways to work more closely together.

Tuesday 14: giving thanks for the work of the World Day of Prayer and asking that God will richly bless them as they work together.

Wednesday 15: giving thanks for Guilds in the Forth Valley and Clydesdale area and asking God to richly bless them and help them to find ways to work more closely together

Thursday 16: remembering particularly all living in areas of conflict and asking for God to bring justice and peace to each situation.

Friday 17: thinking especially of the children and families who are now staying at Kazunzu Village of Hope.

Saturday 18: giving thanks to Guilds in the Lothians area and asking God to richly bless them and help them to find ways to work more closely together.

Sunday 19: remembering all who are currently considering a call to the ministries of the Church in a range of situations. Ask that God will guide their thoughts and give them a strong sense of where He wants them to serve.

Monday 20: thinking especially of our new Regional Support Worker, Christine Fulcher, who will be working with Guilds in the West of Scotland.

Tuesday 21: giving thanks to all those who are considering being foster or adoptive parents.

Wednesday 22: Remember all who are currently struggling with an eating disorder and pray that they will find help and support.

Thursday 23: giving thanks to Guilds in the Ayrshire area and asking God to richly bless them and help them to find ways to work more closely together.

Friday 24: thinking especially of our new Regional Support Worker, Joanne Brown, who will be working with Guilds in the East of Scotland.

Saturday 25: thinking especially of the young women being supported in their theological training by our project with UNIDA.

Sunday 26: giving thanks for Guilds in the North East area and asking God to richly bless them and help them to find ways to work more closely together.

Monday 27: especially for all our former National leaders, praying that God will continue to find ways in which they can serve the Guild.

Tuesday 28: giving thanks for Guilds in the Highlands and Islands area and asking God to richly bless them and help them to find ways to work more closely together.

Wednesday 29: remembering the children with special educational needs who will be supported through the Starchild project in Uganda.

Thursday 30: giving thanks to Guilds in the Clyde area and asking God to richly bless them and help them to find ways to work more closely together.

Friday 1: especially for our staff in the national office: Karen, Mandy and Dorothy. Giving thanks for all that they do to support the Guild.

Saturday 2: giving thanks for the production of chocolate by Paul and Sarah, our partners with Pioneers, and praying for its safe arrival in the UK.

Sunday 3: remembering especially our Moderator, Rt Rev Dr Iain Greenshields, as he serves the Church in this special year and praying for God’s richest blessing on him and his family.

Hymn of the month

As we come towards the end of our theme, 'Lights and Bushels', we thought that you would enjoy this rendition of 'This Little Light of Mine' from the Soweto Gospel Choir.

We hope you enjoy singing along to this in your own living room!

Listen now

Lent: give or give up?

A preacher at our church recently pointed out that the 10 Commandments give Christians bad press.

For years, those who do not attend worship have heard only “DON’T”. A much clearer message is given in the Beatitudes: blessed are you if you DO! Blessed just the way you are. A way to live your life and all the blessings for those who mourn, who are hungry, who show mercy to others, are pure in heart, even pray for those who persecute them, the peace-makers and many more blessings. You can study th

theem yourself in Matthew Chapter 5.

For years I believed I should give something up for Lent, because of the suffering of Jesus for 40 days and nights. But I cannot pretend that giving up chocolate was really suffering. Yes, it was hard, but I always knew I could make up for it at Easter.

However, a few years ago. I started to follow 40 Acts (which is the 40 day Lent generosity challenge from Stewardship). This gives you actions to do every day during Lent. Kindnesses like putting wee pots of flowers on doorsteps with no note, so you got no thanks or recognition. Reading parts of the Bible I wouldn’t normally choose. Maybe I was asked to pray for folk I didn’t normally pray for and perhaps didn’t really like. One day, I was asked to give out chocolate randomly to folk I passed in the street. As I was in Edinburgh for a meeting, I gave it to those homeless people around the train station and Princes Street. A simple “God Bless you” was met by a smile; very rewarding, though a very small gesture in their circumstances.

However you choose to mark Lent, we always enjoy saying “Hallelujah He is risen!” on Easter morning.

I love the Townend and Getty hymn 'See what a morning'.

Verse 3 ends with:

“And we are raised with Him

Death is dead, love has won

Christ has conquered

And we shall reign with Him

For He lives

Christ is risen from the dead.”

God bless you,

Helen Banks

National Vice Convener

National Conference Update

We were delighted that over 80 people, representing Guilds the length and breadth of Scotland, were able to join us for our National Visioning Conference. The event was facilitated by Ishbel Smith and used the story of Israelites as its basis.

The day was full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm. There was also an opportunity for a Q&A with Karen which raised lots of important issues.

From here, the plan is to put together a workshop that will be used by Guilds over the summer and autumn and then bring representatives together in regional areas to reach some consensus as to how we best enable the Guild to thrive in the years ahead. We hope that you will engage with us over the coming months. From wee seeds grow big trees, and that has been true in the past and will be true in the future.

Christmas lunch at last

Due to Covid restrictions, Ruthrieston West Church Aberdeen Guild had to cancel their planned Christmas lunch. As the restrictions were lifted they enjoyed a lovely lunch at the Gordon Highlanders' Museum Restaurant in Aberdeen, where they were made very welcome. Great to see everyone looking so happy.

Say hello to some new members

It is so encouraging to hear about Guilds welcoming new members. Two of our new members at Duntocher Trinity are Margo and Margaret who are spotted enjoying the Guild Afternoon Tea after their AGM.

Why not take a photo of new members who have joined you this year and email them to us using the link below so we can welcome them to our Guild family?

Send us your photographs

Chicks by the dozen in Freuchie

The members of the Guild spent the winter knitting and produced about 100 charming Easter chicks all with a chocolate egg inside. These chicks will be displayed in local businesses all over Freuchie and will be available to purchase for a donation. All money raised will be donated to the Guild projects which help people all over Scotland and beyond.

Past Guild Convener Margaret Hill and her husband Everett are helping to get the chicks to their new homes.

Coffee, cake and a chat at Forfar

Forfar East & Old Parish Guild were delighted to finally be able to hold their annual coffee morning recently. There were the usual stalls and £354 was raised. Thanks to everyone who made it a success, it's good to be getting almost back to normal!

Stamp appeal 2022-23

This year's stamp appeal, run by the Faith Impact Forum, will go to support the work of the church in Lebanon.

In Lebanon, and in response to the financial collapse in the country, the pastors in Syria and Lebanon initiated a scheme in 2021 where they gave half of their salary to establish a relief programme as an expression of support to the neediest families around their congregations.

The National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon employs more than 1,000 people including their pastors. The economic crisis in the country and the consequences of the huge explosion in Beirut have struck hard and the Synod is struggling to pay salaries for pastors which range between £100 to £150 per month. Some pastors have left their vocation to take other jobs as they are unable to provide for their families. Others are really struggling to make ends meet. Pastors are key people supporting the spiritual and institutional life and ministry of the Synod and deserve to be supported.

The Stamp Appeal is a really easy way of raising money for a good cause. For more information visit the Church of Scotland website.

Download a Stamp Appeal poster

A four-legged visitor!

Cupar Old Guild had a fabulous meeting recently with Margaret, a speaker from Guide Dogs for the Blind. She brought along Chris and his guide dog Ian. Here is Ian, a golden retriever, proving that once he is off his harness and not working he is like any other dog and looking for any titbits.

See what a morning

We hope that you are uplifted and inspired by listening to this hymn from Kristyn Getty. We hope it helps you focus on the journey to the resurrection of Jesus and the hope it gives us as Christians.

Listen now