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1 year of Online Services

We have now been recording the Sunday service at Freuchie for 1 year and every Sunday the service can be seen on the church facebook or website later that day for anyone who is unable to attend for any reason.

Over the course of the year, the services at Freuchie church have been viewed 2576 times on youtube. This includes 20+ people who join us almost every week and lots of others who join us on an occasional basis. However due to the limitations of youtube, we do not know who is joining us. This is just a plea to online viewers to get in touch - please do email/get in touch with any of the elders or use the email address on the web page so that we can support you. Also if you wanted to become a member or adherent of the church (if you are not already), please also get in contact in the above way - you can become a member at home or online.

If anyone in the pews wanted to become a member or an adherent, then they should speak to any elder and you also would be welcomed with open arms.

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